About Me


I entered therapy at a time of confusion in my own life, and it became an invaluable place for practicing reflection, self-awareness, and the intricacies of relationship.  As I encountered more hope and loss, joy and grief, I realized how crucial was the process of knowing, accepting, and being connected to myself.  I also expanded my sense of spirituality, interested in what the world’s wisdom traditions had in common.  I revisited my Christian roots as well as exploring Buddhism, earth-based religions, and astrology.  I soon discovered figures like Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell, and decided to embark on a career in psychotherapy, infused with eastern spirituality and philosophy.

My identity as a disabled person has also made a big impact on me politically.  It has been my entry into understanding privilege of various kinds, the social model of disability, and radical intersectional feminism.  It is through these lenses that I view and critique society.  I am a white, cis-/hetero man and welcome discussions about privilege and social justice.

I completed my Master’s degree at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) in Integral Counseling Psychology, and began my training at Golden Gate Integral Counseling Center in San Francisco.  I now practice independently, trained and supported by Grateful Heart Holistic Therapy Center as I make my way toward licensure.

I have also been studying astrology for several years, and have completed courses in the tradition of Richard Tarnas’ Archetypal Astrology.  I find it has a lot of useful interplay with psychology, though it may not be appropriate for every person or circumstance.

This is a path that has been consistently rewarding, and I am excited to see what twists and turns are up ahead, and who I will meet along the way.