We can learn a lot from the cosmos…  Do you want to listen?


We come into this world imbued with the energies of the moment we were born.  This is symbolized in one’s birthchart.  At the same time, each person will embody their birthchart in their own way.

Astrology can be used to supplement the process of therapy and personal growth.  Exploring your birthchart can give you a framework to:

  • Get to know the different parts of your personality
  • Discover how you personally embody the universal archetypes
  • Embrace both your strengths and the qualities you find challenging; all of which are valuable
  • Find your personal potential and purpose

The movements of the cosmos also map out rhythms and themes over the course of a lifetime.  Looking at your personal transits can:

  • Give an outline of what time periods of your life will be most significant
  • Clarify what parts of you are currently being encouraged or challenged
  • Help you see challenges as personalized opportunities to grow
  • Show how certain circumstances are reflective of the collective experience of the times, while others are more individual
  • Cultivate a sense of security that the phases of your life are not permanent or random

Finally, feeling into the interaction of your birthchart with a partner’s or family member’s can:

  • Elucidate strengths and challenges within the relationship
  • Understand the inherent potential of the relationship
  • Identify recurring themes across relationships and through generations; these can be understood as one’s inherited traits, karma, or intergenerational trauma

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