Intuitive Coaching

To know yourself better.  To access and trust your inner knowing.  To discover spaces within you that are deeply personal and stretch toward the infinite.

We all need guidance at times.  We can seek it from those who have gone before us and accumulated experience and wisdom, and we can use our own intellect to find a logical solution.  But there is also a process of perceiving, listening, and understanding that is not entirely rational.  When we are aware of it, it may show up as a body sensation such as a gut feeling or heart opening, a hunch, a voice, or an image.  We can call any of these experiences intuition.

Archetypes pervade and interweave between the conscious and unconscious.  By their nature they are ripe for creating inroads to intuition.  Their very function is to inspire, and make connections through metaphor.  They are the language we have to contact the cosmos.

My intent is to help you have more facility with your intuition.  Through the use of archetypal astrology, tarot and oracle cards, guided meditation and visualization, and other intuitive methods, we can discover what archetypes are operating in your life now, and which ones may need to be accessed in order to embody your true self and achieve your life goals.

Here is a breakdown of the coaching options I offer:

  • Archetypal Imagery – 60 min – $100: Great for the visually-oriented person.  Utilizing various tarot/oracle cards and guided imagery exercises we can collaboratively tap into intuition for self-inquiry, decision-making, or looking toward future desires and goals.
  • Archetypal Wellness – 90 min – $150: A combination of archetypal astrology and imagery to create an approach tailored to your needs.  We will explore your birthchart, current and upcoming transits; drawing on cards and images for inspiration and clarification; and addressing any specific issues or questions that may be on your mind.
  • Sun & Moon Package – 2 90-min sessions – $250 ($300 value): One session focusing on the Sun in your chart, exploring your identity, ego, consciousness, where you shine.  Another session Moon-themed, diving into your internal world of intuition, emotion, self-care, and attachment.  (You may also choose your own areas of focus for these two sessions.)
  • Love, Purpose, & Transformation Package – 4 90-min sessions – $480 ($600 value): Includes the Sun & Moon sessions plus a third exploring love and relationships, and a fourth on personal transformation and your soul’s purpose.  (You may also choose your own areas of focus for these four sessions.)

Sessions are available in-person or via Skype.

You may pay with cash, check, or PayPal.

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