Therapy vs. Coaching

My intuitive/spiritual coaching practice is called Archetypal Wellness, and in it I use astrology and tarot in a psychological way, but it is separate from my role as a psychotherapist.  Psychotherapy and coaching can seem pretty similar at first glance, but they have some important distinctions.  Here are some points to keep in mind when deciding what kind of support you are looking for:

  • Coaching is not for addressing specific mental health issues; therapy may deal with diagnosing and/or working with mental, emotional, or relational concerns.
  • Therapy tends to emphasize the origins of current problems, venturing into feelings that are avoided or somewhat uncomfortable, and building tolerance for that discomfort; coaching tends not to unearth the past as much, focusing more on reaching future life goals.
  • Therapy is more of a commitment to self-awareness and understanding, and encourage deep, lasting change.  Typically we would meet weekly to maintain the therapeutic relationship.  This allows the relationship itself to be (ideally) a safe place for you to examine personal patterns and practice new ways of being and relating, especially when strong feelings emerge.  Because of this, the relationship is carefully contained, and I would generally avoid social or business contact with you outside of the therapy setting. I would also not connect or interact with you on social media.
  • A coaching relationship can still be close and meaningful, but it does not have the same intent or constraints of therapy.  As your coach we could be part of the same communities, connect on social media, or do other business together.
  • As a coaching client we may work from a distance by phone or video call, potentially from another state or internationally.  As my therapy client this would likely not be possible.
  • As a therapy client you have certain legal rights to confidentiality which I am obligated to protect; as a coaching client you do not have the same legal protections, though I will keep any information that you share with me private.
  • If you were a coaching client of mine, you could later become a therapy client if a desire for more focused psychological work arose, but only if we were not connected socially.  The opposite is not true: if you saw me for therapy, you would not become my coaching client, but my coaching modalities (e.g. astrology or tarot cards) could be used in therapy if you were interested.

I hope that helps clarify the two different services I offer.  If you are unsure about whether you would like me as a therapist or a coach, please don’t hesitate to contact me. We can discuss which might be the better path for you right now.