Wonder Woman Therapists: A Conversation with Kris Jacobsen

As fans of superheroes and archetypes, my friend and colleague Kris Jacobsen and I decided to sit down and have a chat about the new Wonder Woman movie.  She was good enough to take notes and put it on her blog.  We had fun just brainstorming about what we liked, what could have been better, and of course throwing in a little astrology.  We hope you enjoy it too.  Here’s a taste:

Mike: …Part of what makes her special is the way her story transcends that typical good vs evil duality; us vs them, good vs evil, where evil = other. If Wonder Woman has a main enemy then it’s violent conflict itself. I think she really is fighting for peace. 

Kris: To me it feels so pertinent for our times….on so many levels. Exposing this dualistic and over simplified point of view in gender, race, morality, politics…. I mean, that “us vs them” story has gotten a lot of play in the media lately with politics becoming so divisive.

Mike: I think last year was Wonder Woman’s 75th anniversary… this movie is SO long overdue.

Read the whole of the transcript right here!


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